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W-S Computer Services

(519) 742-2333

150 Schweitzer Street Kitchener ON N2K 1B9

Wang Tsann

(905) 943-7787


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(416) 724-6684

1071 King Street West - Suite 109 Toronto ON M6K 3K2

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florida FL

Winnet Systems

(416) 447-8378

1200 Eglinton Avenue East - Suite 100 Toronto ON

Winnet Systems

(416) 447-8378

918 Dundas Street East - Suite 206 Mississauga ON

Wintronic Computer Plus

(416) 726-5546

3300 Steeles Avenue West North York ON

Wintronic Computer Plus

(905) 281-0204

400 Dundas Street East - Unit 105A Mississauga ON

Wintronic Computer Plus

(905) 333-6637

4190 Fairview Street - Unit 12B Burlington ON

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Nexx Web Hosting300GB / 3 TB$7.95 / Yes
iPower1.5 TB / 15 TB$4.95 / No
PowWeb1.5 TB / 15 TB$5.77 / Yes
Lunarpages1.5 TB / 15 TB$6.95 / Yes
GoDaddy100GB / 1 TB$6.99 / No
Good Avocado Web Hosting300GB / 1 TB$4.95 / Yes
1 and 1 Web Hosting120GB / 1200GB$4.99 / Yes
Fat Cow1.5 TB / 15 TB$6.50 / Yes
Host PapaUnlim. / Unlim.$5.95 / Yes
Just Host750GB / 10 TB$4.95 / Yes
Omnis NetworkUnlim. / Unlim.$5.95 / Yes
Network Solutions300GB / 3 TB$11.95 / No
IX WebhostingUnlim. / Unlim.$6.45 / Yes
1 and 1 Web Hosting120GB / 1200GB$4.99 / Yes
1 and 1 Web Hosting10GB / 1000GB$39 / Yes

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